Rajdeep Thakare



Hiya, I am hobbyist and I build stuff!!

Hobbyist GameDEV & Hardware Savvy.

Game Development is like diving into the water without knowing how to swim and this is what fascinated me the most. The development journey is heavily practical and makes me more curious to learn.

  • Website: www.rajdeepthakare.com
  • City: Maharashtra, India
  • PhEmailone: rajdeep.alter@gmail.com
  • Freelance: Available

I've more than a year of experience in developing IoT(Internet of Things) and several automation solutions. I've worked on many projects and gained enough experience which makes me more confident to work on future projects.


The progressbars below represent the ideal skills I currently have and more confident with.

Unity Editor 70%
System Design 90%
Art & Animation10%
IT 95%
Problem Solving 94%
Creativity & Culture 70%


The below projects represents the both personal and professional work I've done.

  • All
  • Mobile
  • IoT & Robotics


Let's Work Together.


Wani, Maharashtra, India